Congratulations to Pragati Puri of class X for qualifying MUKHYAMANTRI VIGYAN PRATIBHA PARIKSHA-2021 |  School magazine - UDBODH 2020 |  Saksham Gupta. Shobhit Sayala and Anuj Majumdar have cracked JEE(Advanced) 2019 |  Garvit,Saksham, Shobhit Sayala,Aman, Anuj, Neeraj and Atif have have cleared JEE(Mains) 2019 |  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 |  Pratyush Cleared and Awarded fellowship in KVPY, Secured National Merit in NSEC |  Vartik, Pratyush, Satyam, Priyanshu, Shivesh and Ekagra have cleared JEE-Mains 2018 | 

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Arvind Gupta D.A.V Centenary Public School, established in 1986 is a school which epitomises the ideals of Arya Samaj's philosophy with the best of modern positivistic paradigm. The school aims to prepare children for life and for global citizenship in the twenty first century. The school opens its windows to the culture of the world but...