Chairman's Message

“ The principal goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done. ” - Jean Piaget

Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School is a recognised institution which brings forth a learning environment to guide every child to explore and own their place in this vast beautiful world. A school designed to nurture creativity, original thinking and humanity in students and believes in imparting holistic education so that each child will find identity, meaning and purpose of life through connections to the community, to the natural world and to humanitarian values like compassion and peace. I think excelling in academic studies is not enough than holistic education which gives importance in strengthening intellectual, social and creative ability of children. Importance to collaboration and teamwork is much desired in an individual rather than possessing a competitive spirit.

The young generation of today should be given the much needed exposure and educators must encourage them to participate in different activities that would sharpen their creative and social skills, other than teaching the usual academic syllabus. Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School imparts a modern approach of education making the learning process fun and meaningful and tries at its best to meet every child's learning pattern and ability.

Confident, self-reliant young citizens of the world go on to generate tremendous change and alter the course of history. I hope that the educators will continuously empower the young minds to be confident, self-possessed young citizens and pave possibilities so that they can envision a better tomorrow.