Global Initiatives

9 & 14 May 2013 Cultural Exchange-International Dance Show

True education involves knowledge of culture, language and food of other nations. Edmund Burke once said, “Education is not just a parcel of books but an intercourse with the world and with affairs”. To achieve this very end our school started the International School-to-school Exchange programme which not only helped in transcending the barriers of cultures and nations but also in making our students truly global citizens.

Cultural exchange fosters tolerance of different cultures, thereby leading to the achievement of International harmony and world peace. Exchange among diverse cultures provides a stimulus for the invigoration of the international community and the vitality for development. With this motive the school has started a cultural exchange programme with The Japanese school. The students of our school visited The Japanese School on 9 May 2013 where they presented Rajasthani Folk Dance and the students of Japanese school tapped their feet on Indian songs. Our school was visited by the Principal, Mr. Haruhisa Usai, teachers and students of The Japanese school on 14 May 2013 to be a part of THE INTERNATIONAL DANCE SHOW. A beautiful display of classical and folk dances & music showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India, Japan & UK was presented by the students. The students enthralled the visitors by their performance.

1 - 4 May 2013 Water for All programme

Acknowledging to the UN International year of Water Cooperation, school organized a week long “Water for all” programme - a Water Conservation Awareness programme in extension to the “Project Boond” initiated by Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha. A series of thematic competition were conducted to sensitize students towards conservation of water.

A talk show on the topic The success story of the outstanding restoration of the River Thames of U.K and River Charles of U.S.A was highly interactive and had motivated the students of IX and X to suggest various ways to restore River Yamuna and River Ganga in India.

A collage making competition on the topic “Ancient Water Harvesting” structures still existing in India, U.K. and U.S.A was organized which encouraged students to learn the importance of rain water harvesting techniques.

Students of IX standard participated in the newsletter making competition with zeal and enthusiasm. They made marvelous newsletters emphasizing the importance of water conservation.

In addition to this special assembly talks were organized throughout the celebration. On the concluding day, 4 May 2013, Water awareness rally was organized in the neighbourhood of the school to spread awareness among the people. A “ANukkad Natak” was also performed which was appreciated by everyone. The “Water for all” awareness programme was a great success.

29 April 2013 Mock Parliament - India, UK & China

Under the aegis of ISA a mock parliament was organised by the students where the enthusiasm with which the students participated left the audience amazed. A comparison between the functioning of the three parliament i.e India, U.K. and China was presented. Indian democratic parliament was beautifully showcased showing both ruling and the opposition parties seated at the right and the left side respectively. What was most appealing to watch was the ideal manner in which question hour was presented where all the ministers were at liberty to express their views. U.K. a constitutional monarchy in its House of commons presented the youth parliament in which a debate session on unequal wage was discussed. China being a communist country where parliament session is conducted by the president and the same was presented discussing the reforms for the development of the country. The show saw the future young leaders presenting their views on the steps for the welfare of their country.


The climate has become unpredictable and uncertain. The Earth climate has been changing for billions of years but today the whole world is alarmed because the earth is warming faster now that it has ever in the past. To sensitize the students how global warming can threaten the existence of Asia, Africa and Antarctica, a poster making activity was organized in Arvind Gupta DAV centenary Public School, Model Town as an ISA activity for class X. Children painted their imagination very nicely showcasing concern towards this sensitive issue.

18 January 2013 FASHION SHOW

Under the prestigious ISA, A.G.D.A.V Centenary Public School organised myriad of activities in the month of Dec & Jan 2012-13. Through this project 'A glance to the global outfits', the school students were introduced to the outfits of different countries such as Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy and India. With this view in their minds, the students were made to make a scrap file of costumes of different countries by paper folding. The activity was enjoyed by the students as well as gave a clear picture of the traditional dresses of the above mentioned countries. Not only this, the students were also taken to the Doll Museum to provide them first hand glimpse of the traditional costumes of India, Japan, Russia, Spain and Italy. Finally the students dressed up in the traditional garbs of Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy and India. Showcasing a blend of cultures the students walked on the ramp confidently.

All the events under this project helped the students to learn about the culture and traditions of various countries.


Under the prestigious ISA, School organized myriad of activities in the month of Dec & Jan 2012-13. Through the project 'A glance to the global outfits', the school students were introduced to the outfits of different countries such as Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy and India. As we guide our learners through the world of knowledge, we also endeavour to provide them with opportunities to become Global Citizens of tomorrow. A rich mosaic of activities with an international perspective are organized regularly to enable them to develop an understanding of the people, culture and traditions of the world With this view in their minds, the students of class III were made to make costumes of different countries by paper cutting & folding. The activity was enjoyed by the students as well as gave a clear picture of the traditional dresses of the above mentioned countries


Giving an international dimension and fostering a sense of global outlook among its young learners, AG DAV Centenary Public School Model Town organized an Inter House Quiz as an ISA activity for the students. The students were asked questions on National Symbols of the countries like U.K, U.S.A, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. The participants did a deep study of the above mentioned countries and the outcome was noticed in the quiz. The idea of such event is to widen the horizon of the children and make them better equipped to face the bigger challenges of life.


“I hear and I forget .I see and I remember. I do and I understand” is an ancient Chinese proverb, which bears great significance in the learning process. The school has initiated a number of projects under the prestigious ISA to fulfill numerous secondary objectives, but with a common primary objective which is to bring closer to life and enable students to “Learn by doing”, The school organized DRAWING AND COLOURING COMPETITION on 10 September 2012, for class II.

The flags of different countries (UK, Nepal, USA Bangladesh) were introduced to the students beforehand. Then they were made to draw and colour the flags of the different countries. The students participated in the competition with great enthusiasm. Winners of the competition were awarded with certificates of merit.