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Our Visionaries

“Visionary leaders focus on liberating human talent and manifesting the potential of people.”
Dr. S. R. Arora
A thorough educationist and former Principal of Hansraj College, Delhi University, Dr. S. R. Arora has been guiding and extending his experiences in A. G. D.A.V.C.P. School. His rich experiences in education and administrative matters has gone a long way in shaping up A.G.D.A.V.'S reputation to a newer heights.

“Effective leaders blend humanity with courage.”
Sh. Nanak Chand
A great academician and philosopher of knowledge who supports the whole gamut of the school's activities through his leadership and academic pursuits.

“Visionary leaders touch the hearts of their team and earn long-term loyalty.”
Mrs. Mala Sood
At AGDAV, we are committed to our pursuits of excellence. A commitment that does not rest on consistency, but on bettering our performance year after year.
School has brought systematic reforms that translate into practical initiatives. Inclusion and inclusive practice are a part of a dynamic process which can undergo change, modification, revision, innovation maintaining flexibility and an open mind to change.
As stakeholder of education we must transcend rhetoric by combining "thought with action."
AGDAV focuses on child centered pedagogy which means giving primacy to children experiences, voice, interests and their active participation.
For us every child is important and we must follow the axiom that every child is talented.
The system of education for the 21st century has to be education for excellence. The system must produce men of quality who combine competence with virtue. If the desire is backed by attitude and perseverance, excellence will prevail in all endeavors of the institution.