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Bal Mela

Bal mela #childrens day #celebration #mela #fun #unlimited #agdav #tatto #swings #rides #balloon #nail art

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Germination of seed activity

Sowing of seeds #activity #learning #development #concept development #agdav

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Bicycle race

Transport #bicycle race #road transport #concept building #learning by doing #transport rules #following the rules

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Bird day

Bird day #fancy dress #competition #concept development #learning is fun here 

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Halloween celebration

Halloween #celebration #halloween day #fancy dress #costume #happy halloween

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Diwali celebration

Happy diwali #diwali celebration #diwali party #traditional dress code #masti #dance #decoration #cracker free diwali 

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Rangoli making

Rangoli making #activity #parents#mothers# keen Participation#involvement #design#colours#bond#celebration

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Say no to crackers rally

Say no to crackers
 #rally #preschool #awared kids #learning #no noise diwali #eco friendly diwali #pollution free diwali #happy diwali  #spread message #cracker free diwali

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Lantern making activity

Lantern making #activity #diwali celebration #festival #festivities #decoration #learning #competition #mothers #   preprimary #appreciation #craft #involvement  #teachers and parents #working together

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DMRC Puppet show

puppet show #dmrc #delhi metro #travelling etiquettes #learning #good manners #learning made fun #puppets #metro #travel #grattitude to principal madam #supervisor madam #great initiavtive #working for the kids #making learing better 

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Annual picnic

Adventure island #annual picnic #enjoyment #fun unlimted #masti #happy moments #kids #making memories #   outdoor fun #breaking the ice #rides #swings #pool #rain dance

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Puppet show

Puppet show #preschool #birds #learning by doing #fun learning #storytelling #listening skills #development #agdav #dav #concept development #environmental science

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Lemon race

Lemon race #physical activities #fun #race #learning #motor skill development #physical development #gross motor skills #skill development 

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World Mental health day

Fun filled activites #world mental health day #outdoor fun #enjoyment #tug of war #masti time #laughter #relaxation

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Navratri celebration

Navratri #dandiya #celebration #preschool #preprimary #happydusshera #goddess #prayer #fun #dance #learning #religious #agdav #dav #dressed up #dandiya raas #dandiya dance

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Ramayana #dusshera #celebration #dance #presentation #musical ramayana #rama #sita #ravana #preschool preprimary #balloon ravana #pollution free dusshera #value development #learning by doing #building confidence #    confidentkids

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Gandhi jayanti

Gandhi jayanti #celebration #gandhi #mahatma gandhi #jai hind #people #love #non voilence #dandi march #swachtaabhiyan #vande matram 

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Animal dance party

Animal dance party #fun #learning #enjoyment #animals #dance #dressed up #activity #wild animals #pet animals #  farm animals #concept development

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World tourism day

World tourism day #celebration #i wish to travel to #tourist #travel #learning #speaking skills #language development #over coming stage fear

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Show and tell Activity

Show and tell #my favourite animal #preschool #student participation #little speakers #language development #over coming stage fear #learning #dressed up #animals #speaking skills

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International peace day

International peace day #peace march #rally #posters #peace #preprimary #peace day #celebration #spread peace #spread love

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Animal mask race

Animal mask race #animal theme #learning with fun #activity based learning #animal mask #fun #race #enjoyment #   masti #learning

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World Ozone day

Ozone day #world ozone day #celebration #awareness #information #knowledge #learning #save ozone 

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Hasya kavita

Hindi diwas #hasya kavita #preprimary #hindi #little ones #confident #speakers #learing by doing

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Hindi diwas

Hindi diwas #kavitavachan #preschool #hindi #little ones #confident #speakers #learing by doing

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Maped colouring competition

Maped #colouring competition #preprimary wing #colours #fun #great experience #learning is fun #events

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Teachers day celebration

teachersdaycelebration #preprimarywing #studentsasteachers #celebration #teacher #student #love #gratitude pupilteachers #spreadinghappiness #smiles #agdav 

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Cleanliness drive

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Bibliography telling

Empowering women #bibliography telling #life story telling #famous women #world #personalities #agdav #dav #    preprimary #mothers #knowledge #world around us #developing knowledge

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Our Helpers

#visit to gardner #ourhelpers #activity based learing #learning by doing #garden #Gardner #tools of helpers #planting #value development #empathy 

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Swachta abhiyan

Swachta abhiyan #swatch bachpan #swatch jindagi #video #value development #cleaniless is next to goddiness #preprimary #agdav #dav #swatchta mission

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pro com

#procom #goldmedalist #winners #firstposition #colouringcompetition #youngachievers #pre_school #pre_primary

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Swatch bharat

Swatchbharat #cleanindia #cleanschool #studentdoingtheirbit #cleanlinessdrive #pledge #swachtapakhvada #   agdav #dav #littleinitiative #keepingsurroundingclean

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Coconut party

coconutparty #worldcoconutday #celebration #preprimary #healthydrink #healthyhabit #habit development #partytime #enjoyment #fun #learningbydoing

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Vegetable seller

Vegetableseller #marketscene #little buyers #little sellers #learning by doing #activity time #preschoolers #agdav   #dav #activity based  learning

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Special assembly -Save flora and fauna

Special assembly #save flora and fauna  #specialperformance #dance #drama #music #animals #plants #save #   kids doing their bit #pledge to save #motivation #confidence

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Happiness curriculum

Happiness #curriculum #preschool #preprimary #learningbydoing #joy #happyfaces #smiles #love #games #enjoyment #rhymes #dance #hoopla #emojis #storynarration #meditation

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Bonappetit #non_flame_cooking #activity #mothers #preprimary #creativity #innovation #involvement #   school parent  partnership #participation #love #care #health #nutrition #happiness

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Janmastami #celebration #preprimarywing #radha #krishna #kids #dance #krishnleela #dav #agdav #masti #   fununlimited #enjoyment #friends 

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Senior citizens day

Seniorcitizensday #celebration #preschool #grandparents #dadi #dadu #nani #nanu #dance #action #havan #welcome #happiness #learningexperience #lifelessons #love #affection #care #gratitude 

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Nirmal_hirday #oldagehome #studentvisit #celebratingseniorcitizenday #spreadinghappiness #love #smiles #learning #blessings #care #affection

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Fruit market

Fruitmarket #activity #preschool #preschoolers #learningbydoing #activitybasedlearning #fun_learning #fruits #fruitseller #marketscene #littlebuyers #agdav #nursery

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Independenceday #celebration #parents #kiteflying #patrotism #independent #freedom #learning #supportive parents #volunteerparents

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suraksha bandhan

Surakshabandhan #suraksha #raksha #buildingrelations #protection #helpingstaff #celebration #bond #relations #togetherness #foreverness #blessings 

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parents day

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Special assembly

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The school organized a movie trip for the students of pre primary wing. It was a great outing for children as they enjoyed every moment of the movie, THE LION KING.

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Chandrayyan 2

PrePrimary students of AGDAV were excited as they were acquainted by the teachers about the historic Launch of Chandrayyan 2 by ISRO

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Bubble blow activity

 Pre -Primary wing of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School organised Bubble blow activity where kids participated enthusiastically and had lots of fun .

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Rainy day

Pre- primary wing of Arvind Gupta DAV Public School took advantage of sudden rain shower and let the students enjoy the rain .The kids really had a fun time .

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International family day

 pre -primary wing of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School celebrated International family day on 15.5.19 ,where students expressed their views on their family ,a group activity was performed on family portrait .Children really enjoyed and participated with full zeal .

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Felicitation Day was organised on 4th May 2019 in the school premises to honour brilliant students of Pre School and PrePrimary who had bagged All India Positions in THE CONQUEST OLYMPIAD organised in the school in the session 2018-19

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International laughter day

 Pre primary wing of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School celebrated International laughter day on 03/05/2019 where special assembly was conducted in which funny poems were recited, children performed laughter yoga with yoga instructor. Kids enjoyed and participated with full zeal .

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Show and tell competiton

Pre primary wing of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School organised show and tell competiton where students brought their favourite toys and expressed about themselves

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International Dance Day

Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School celebrated International Dance Day on 29/4/19 where students enjoyed dance on foot taping songs and had fun filled day 

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Colouring competition (15-4-2019)

competition with great zeal and enthusiasm and at the same time took great care to colour their masterpieces with their creativity. The students coloured beautifully in a smiling Tweety and exhibited their skills in filling colours in the cartoon picture

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The Harvest Festival ? Baisakhi?.

On Friday, 12th April the students of Primary and pre-primary wing celebrated?The Harvest Festival ? Baisakhi?.
A special assembly was organised where the students sang Baisakhi songs and set the mood for the festival celebrations.Students danced on the beats of dhol and punjabi songs and celebrated the festival.

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Magic show

Magic show was organised for the kids and they were excited while seeing various magic tricks by the magician

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Building blocks activity

Building blocks activity was done in pre primary wing on 11-04-19 to inculcate STEM i.e Science Technology Engineering ,Math skills in new generation kids .Building blocks was done through hands on learning with blocks .It also helped in enhance their logical thinking capability .Students showed their skills and enthusiastically participated in activity

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Matching foot print

Matching foot print activity was done on 9-4-19 in pre primary wing where students enjoyed moving on different animals footprints this activity was concluded to strengthen the listening skills of students and to evolve physical coordianation and mental concentration through play .Students enthusiastically participated and had a fun filled day.

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World health day

World health day celebrated in AGDAV . To mark the occasion students of class pre primary participated enthusiastically in various programs like yoga session,aerobics ,making of mats etc. 

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Foundation day 2019

The School celebrated the 33rd foundation day , various colouring fun-filled activities were organised in the classroom to mark the occasion. Students enthusiastically celebrated the school foundation day.
"Happy birthday AGDAV".`

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Pre-primarians 1st day of schoo

Pre-primarians 1st day of school####blessings of almighty####fun and learning# vedic mantras

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First day to school

Preschoolers#new school#new dress#lots of fun#welcome by AGDAV family .

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Orientation Day

The Orientation Day of the Preschool of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School ,NorthEx ,Model Town was organised for the parents of new students . The programme was aimed at acquainting the parents with the school curriculum, its transaction and transition, various programmes held in school as well as the general policies of the school.

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Felicitation Ceremony

Talents and skills are the crops that are nurtured ,groomed and given all possible opportunities to grow and bloom .Felicitation Ceremony is the celebration of the harvest of this crop.To embark this auspicious day, Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School,North Ex Model Town Celebrated the kindergarten Felicitation Ceremony with gusto and gaiety on Friday,8 March 2019 in the school premises.

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Movie Time

Pre-Primary student watched and enjoyed  "Sniff" movie at Movie Time Pitam Pura on 20 September 2017. 

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Literacy day

Pre-Primary wing celebrated Literacy day on 8 September 2017 where all students participated enthusiastically and distributed their old stationery to the helping staff of the school .

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Peace Day

 World Peace Day is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone for humanitarian aid access.Students of Pre-School took out rally in school premises on 21 September 2017,conveyed their message to their seniors   that how  peace   can resolve many issues of our life.

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DEAR week 28 August 2017 to 1 Septmber 2017

The Pre-Primary wing organised D.E.A.R (Drop everything and read) week from 28 August 2017 to 1 sept 2017 ,where students went to library daily to read and to do various activities like colouring in worksheets, making bookmarks etc. All the students and teachers participated enthusiastically during complete week.As soon as the bell rang they stop everything and start reading the books /magzines/newspapers / class labelled objects.

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Save Water Drive

"SAve Water" drive was taken by pre primary students on 18 august 2017 . They recite few poems on save water and showed the importance of saving water through their pla cards. They were quite excited and enthusiastic to deliver their message.

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mehndi desighing competition

Pre-Primary wing of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School organized a ?Mehandi  Competition? for mothers of PrePrimarians in which Mothers send their creative and innovative Mehandi Designs on prior notice on A3 sheet to the respective class teachers.To appreciate the mothers who send their designs a small Appreciation Event was organized on 5th Aug 2017 by the wing where they were invited. Various fun filled activities were organized for them by the teachers .Fashion show was organized where the mothers showed their moves and did the Ramp walk. They really electrified the atmosphere.The mothers were overwhelmed by the school .Everyone seemed truly happy. It was a very successful event, indeed, and mothers took  lots of sweet memories back home.

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Suraksha Bandhan 2017

Pre Primary wing  of Arvind Gupta DAV Public School ,Model Town celebrated ?SURAKSHA BANDHAN?. The main aim of the celebration was to acquaint the children about how these people help them in their day to day lives. Drivers and helpers pick and drop them from their homes, Cleaners cleans the school premises, Gardener takes care of greenery of the school, Security guard safeguards them etc. Little girls shared sweets with the helping staff members and they were very much excited when the little ones tied Rakhi. They also presented a small gift to the little ones as a token of love and blessings. This actually fosters the feeling of caring and strengthen the bond among the both.

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Van Mohtasav celebration 2017

Parents of Pre Primary wing were invited to plant saplings in school premises.

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First day of Pre Primary students for preprimary c

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Let A Smile be your Umberella on a Rainy Day

Everybody wants happiness;

Nobody wants Pain
but you can't have a rainbow;
without a little rain.

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Dance Mania

Children move naturally. They move to achieve mobility, they move to express a thought or feeling, and they move because it is joyful and feels wonderful. When their movement becomes consciously structured and is performed with awareness for its own sake, it becomes dance. 
Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of cultural expression. Children learn movement patterns as readily as they learn language y structured and is performed with awareness for its own sake, it becomes dance. 

students of Pre-school tap their feets and enjoyed alot on 4.5.2016.

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Red Color Day

Colours are  the  power which directly influences the soul.?

   Nursery department of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary public school celebrated ?Colouring Activity? on 29 April, 2016 .The objective behind this was to introduce ?Red Colour?. They enjoyed activities of  hand impressions with red colour in big pictures drawn on school walls. Teacher showed  them different red colour objects and made them do sight reading ?by looking around.  It was pleasure to watch these tiny tots work with such fun. It was an enjoyable day for them.    

Parents of Pre-Primary  participated in salad making competition and  decorate the salad with red colour fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pomegranate, red carrot and tomato etc. Their presence motivated the students to do better. Every student, parent and teachers flaunted their  beautiful red attires.

fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pomengrate, red carrot and tomato etc. Their presence motivate the students to do better. Every students, parents and teachers are in their red beautiful attires.

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Earth Day Celebration


Earth day is an annual observance held on April 22 every year to increase public awareness on the environment. Earth day activities offer important point of entry to address world wide environmental concerns as well as opportunities for individual and community .Keeping this in mind  Earth Day, 22nd April 2016 was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Students of Nursery Wing of Arvind Gupta DAV Public School,Model Town.The morning at the school garden reverberated with the excited chatter of the kids of the school who were there to create awareness on environment.

Various activities were held during the day where PrePrimarians planted saplings in the school garden.They were being acquainted about the importance of plants and trees in our lives by their  respective class teachers. They made a badge for themselves by doing colouring in the cut out of Earth and wore it for the whole day.

PreSchoolers with their little hands do colouring and decorated the Mother Earth shape.The teacher imbibed in them that without plants and trees our life has no meaning as we get air,food,medicines etc. from plants and we should save our Mother Earth.and plant more and more trees.

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Baisakhi Celebration

"Hope this harvest season brings never-ending joy and prosperity to you and your family. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Baisakhi!"
Students of Pre-School and Pre-Primary celebrated Baisakhi in school premises. They chanted vedic mantras and bhajans for the well being of society. Pre-school students expressed their joy through paintings.

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Foundation Day Celebration

?Proud to be an AGDAV?ian?

Arvind Gupta DAV is an organization that is completely dedicated to guide and mentor true leaders of the society : Students. Our school is completing 30 years of establishment on 5 April 2016.On this special day we want to express the proud feeling of being a part of AGDAV and pledge to serve it with great sincerity so that it can  reach the Pinnacle of success.  Nursery Wing of AGDAV celebrated foundation day with great enthusiasm .The little go-getters of Pre School and P:re Primary participated in Drawing Competition Titled ?Our School?.    Teachers discussed with students about the importance of this day and how this could help them better appreciate the improvements they are currently enjoying which have been worked-hard for by school authorities, parents, and students that came before them.  


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Literacy Day

The International Literacy Day is celebrated world wide on 8th September every year to give the great importance of  literacy to the individuals, society and communities. Celebrating the International Literacy Day is to promote the human attention towards the literacy and know their rights for social and human development. Literacy is as important as food to be alive and success. Literacy has the ability to raise the family status and hence the country status. It is celebrated to encourage the people towards getting continuous education and understand their responsibilities for the family, society and the country. Literacy is a person's ability to read and write. Reading and writing are important to help function in school, on the job, and in society.

Today Nursery Department of our school has taken a step to promote reading and writing for everyone. Pre-Primarians distributed notebooks and pencils to the class four employees of the school and they were acquainted with the importance of literacy in their lives. They were encouraged by the little ones that they should motivate their children to read and write. There is always something that children could do to our nation  and that emanates within them if we train them to be  conscious about anything. Their age is the age of fast assimilation of things and circumstances so they learn fast.

It is our moral duty to impart knowledge to everyone. You as a parent can promote education by distributing notebooks and old books to the under privileged and tell them the importance of read and write. This one step may change one?s life in a better way.

On this Literacy Day, let us recall that Literacy for all is an integral part of education for all and both are essential for the development of nation.


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Special Assenbly on Save Energy

Pre-Primary B conducted the Special Assembly on the topic Save Energy under  the guidance of their class teacher Ms. Deepti Sharma . Students took pledge along with their parents that they will contribute their part to Save energy for their future generation by switching off lights when not in use.

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Independence Day Celebration

                                                                                                MERA BHARAT MAHAAN

The fun filled and charismatic Independence Day was celebrated by the Nursery Department of Arvind Gupta DAV Public School on 14th August 2015 in the school premises under the guidance of Nursery Supervisor Ms.Sonu Sahni. The kite flying event was organised for the Pre-Primarians as it symbolises the expression of freedom, happiness and patriotism. The little ones were electrified while flying the plethora of  kites and the sky looked colourful.

The department also conducted the event of Fancy Dress for the Pre-schoolers where they looked extremely stunning and vibrant in colourful attires of Indira Gandhi, Mangal Pandey, Rani Laxmi Bai , Bhagat singh etc. and captivate the attention of everyone with the their facial expressions.

The Principal   Ms Mala Sood was enthralled to see the performance of the toddlers.

The day ended up with the free conversation about India?s Freedom from Britishers by the respective class teachers.

The day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

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Salad Making

"To eat food is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art".

To inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the youth.Nursery wing of Arvind Gupta D.A.V Centenary Public School organized salad making competition for pre-schoolers and pre-primarians  in school premises on 31, July,2015. Children not only actively and enthusiastically participated in it ,but also came up with good nutritional salads.  They brought a variety of healthy raw vegetables and presented wonderful salad platters .Cleanliness, safety, taste and presentation were the basic criterion for the judgment. kids creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouth watering salad. They came prepared with salad ingredients as well as presentation gizmos .  It was a day designed to be a creating their special salads through new recipes. The salad making competition, was a treasure island of mouth watering, colourful salads beautifully and colourfully presented which added to the delicious flavours.




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Self Introduction Competition

"It is important to know your self before you know the world"


Introducing oneself to the world is an art as the saying goes ?in the first part of your life convince yourself that you are the best because rest of your life will go in convincing others that you are the best.?  Keeping this in mind Nursery wing of Arvind Gupta D.A.V Public school organized   

"Self-introduction competition" for Pre School,  on 4 August  2015.  The event proved that the Pre school students can very well introduce themselves to the world. They spoke about their school, family and hobbies.

The exposure of this kind will boost the confidence of children and help them to be more social. This activity helps them to remove stage fear and they are more confident in Public Speaking.



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Save Tiger

"Tiger Tiger burning bright, will not let you fade out of sight, that is my    promise and for you we will fight.?

International Tiger Day, also known as Global Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation. The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues.

Nursery Depatment of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School,Model Town also celebrated this day under the supervision and guidance  of Nursery Supervisor Ms Sonu Sahni  on 24th July 2015.The event was organised to make small children aware about the importance of wildlife .The chidren were acquainted with the knowledge by their respective class teachers that Wildlife should be saved.We should not harm animals for selfish reasons.Various activities were organised for the children.Tiger Mask Making Competition was organised for the Pre-Primarians where they made beautiful Tiger Masks and showed their creativity and Preschoolers were enthralled while doing colouring in the Save Tiger worksheet and they looked excited while wearing Tiger Head Gear.

The day was full of learning experience for the little ones and the best enties were  appreciated by the  Nursery Supervisor.


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Show and Tell competition

"Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory"

Show and Tell has many great benefits for little ones including speech development ,emotional development and listening skills .Keeping this in mind Nursery wing of Arvind Gupta D.A.V Centenary Public School organized Show and Tell Competition for pre-schoolers on 30,July 2015  in school premises Students orated their favourite objects before audience with full vigour and enthusiasm  .Their speeches included social messages. They  spoke about teddy bear ,traffic light ,dolls , aeroplane etc .Students were very excited and participated whole heartedly this competition .It helped students to gain confidence and improve their vocabulary and skills of public speaking .Participants were judged on basis of props used ,diction and overall presentation .

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Visit to Dominos

Excursions and Visits plays an important role in the holistic development of a child. They give an  opportunity to the children to create a bond with their peers and have a  range of new experience outside the classroom. Such excursions also inculcate the habit of manage small  things without their parents and make them Self Independent. Keeping all the things in mind Nursery Department of our school organised a VISIT TO DOMINOS(a leading chain of Pizzas in India) for Pre-Primarians and Preschoolers from 20th  July 2015 to 23rd July 2015,where children had sumptuous Whole grain Pizza, Garlic Bread and Mazza soft drink. The children were electrified when they had the experience of LIVE KITCHEN OPERATIONS of Dominos. They were being explained and got the knowledge about the preparations of Pizzas.

The Visit was fun filled experience for the children where they enjoyed their Favourite Pizza along with their peers and Class Teacher.


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Rainy Day

"Rain rain falls on the street, mud in puddles cleaning my feet".

Kids love to play in water, a fun filled "Rainy Day" was celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm on 6th July 2015 by the children of Pre-school and Pre-Primary in the school premises. Theme days are celebrated to blend the concepts taught in the classrooms with practical experiences. Tiny toddlers danced and jumped in the rain with a beautiful colourful umbrellas in their hands. They were very excited of getting wet in the rain and enjoying each and every moment to its core. Teachers created awareness among children about the day as they had free conversation in the classrooms about rain. Children enjoyed the day to the fullest and take back home good memories.

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Litter Free Week & Earth Day Celebration

Pre Primary of AGDAV School celebrated Litter free week from 20-4-15 to 24-4-15 and Earth Day on 22.4.15. 

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Orientation Day 2015-16

The school organised orientation Day for Pre Schoolers 2015-16 on 29.March 2015 where all parents of preschoolers were invited. The yagya was done and vedic mantras were chanted to welcome them in  AGDAV family.

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Visit to RAJGHAT

"Educational trips and excursions play an important role in the holistic development of a child. They give an  opportunity to the students to create a bond with their peers and have a  range of new experience outside the classroom".

An educational trip to Rajghat was organised for the students of Pre Primary on 9th Oct and 10th Oct 2014.The students expressed their gratitude and paid homage to the Father Of The Nation, Gandhi ji at his Samadhi in the vicinity of Rajghat on the banks of the Yamuna. They were being explained about the importance of Rajghat and the deeds of Gandhi ji. Light snacks provided by the school were relished by the children.

"This trip helped students to gain useful and knowledgeable experience and proved as a Gyan Yatra for them."

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Self Introductory Competition

        To enhance oratory skills AGDAV organized a self introduction competition for pre primary students on 22nd August 2014.The event proved that pre primary students can very well introduce themselves to the world.

?A confident mind leads one to great success even when the tides are against them.?

Introducing oneself to the world is an art .The exposure of this kind will boost the confidence of children and help them to be more social .Children had stage exposure as they introduced themselves to the audience .Parents were also invited to boost the morale of our tiny tots .Shruti Mishra and Manya katoch of pre primary-B shared first position .Parth of pre primary-D and Ketan of pre primary-E got second and third position respectively .Arnav of pre primary-E and Raman Anand of pre primary-C got consolation prizes.

AGDAV believe that competitions of this kind can deal with problems like stage fright and public speaking fear and prove helpful in grooming overall personality. We hope to build a confident new generation for the country.

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Red Colour Day

Arvind Gupta DAV centenary Public School enhanced its learning with outdoor events and activities. The annual Red Day held at all the  Pre School sections recently was proof to this fact.

The purpose of this event was to introduce  unique way of learning about colours .We celebrated 'Red Day' on  18 July by dressing up in red clothes ,bringing red coloured fruits and Roohafza drink was relished by  the students. Recognition of red colour was done with different objects like an Apple, cherry, strawberry ,Red Ball, car, flower, Balloon, . This gave the tiny tots an opportunity to identify various items associated with the colour and the entire experience strengthened their learning in an enjoyable manner. The air was full of excitement and merriment .All students participated enthusiastically in all activities that took place.  



         Finger Impression and hand printing in flowers, apple, cars , butterfly, umbrella, strawberry ,cherry and carrot.

         Foot prints taken on old newspapers.


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Orientation Programme

Orientation day  for Pre-school students of session 2014-15 was held on 12,may 2014 in A.G.D.A.V public school Model Town ,North-ex Delhi-9.As per the DAV tradition the day started with havan and parents of new AGDAV?ians  attended the same with full dedication. Parents were given a warm welcome by the staff members only. The program proceeded with a welcome speech by Ms. Sonu Sahni supervisory head Nursery wing Ms. Sahni enlightened the parents with her encouraging words . It was followed by the class teachers giving general instructions to parents related to school and its rules and regulations . The day ended with not only valuable informations of the instructions imparted to parents but also with an informative interactive session between the parents and the staff members.  

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Interactive Session for Pre-Primary class

Interactive session


An interactive session was organized on 26 April 2014, Saturday for the parents of new admission in Pre-Primary class. The session started up with the introduction of the school, supervisory head (Nursery Deptt.) and the class teacher of each section. The parents were informed about the rules and regulations of the school. All the general instructions, circular and a Newsletter were distributed among the parents. The teachers elaborated on the various events, the curriculum and the correct formations to be followed throughout the year.

The session ended up with the motivated parenting tips given by our Supervisory head, Mrs. Sonu Sahni.


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Graduation Day

Graduation Day

 Arvind  Gupta  D.A.V Centenary  Public School  North Ex, Model town ,Delhi-9 organized Graduation Day Ceremony for the Pre- Primary students on 2, April 2014, Wednesday in the school premises. The Graduation Day celebrated new phase of their life .The   day  was  marked  by   the   presence   of   Honourable   Guests

 Shri Karan Khanna,  Secretary D.A.V.C.M.C and the Principals of various D.A.V schools.


The grand event began with the lighting of the auspicious  lamp by Honourable Guests . All  the guests and parents   were  addressed   by  School     Principal Mrs. Mala Sood .The school Annual Report was presented by Mrs. Sonu Sahni, Nursery Supervisory head .The first news letter of kindergarten Vivacious Expressions was released by the esteemed guests. The cultural programme  began with ?Welcome Dance ? presented by class 3 girls .The highlight of the evening was the musical story ?A new coat of leaves? presented by students of Pre-Primary. The story enthralled the audience .Vibrant music ,dance ,breath taking colourful costumes and highly coordinated movements promptly set the tone and mood of the evening. The little AGDAVians were felicitated by revered guests .The young graduates looked awesome in the graduation costume (black coat and cap) with their degree in their hands. A short prize distribution ceremony was also held to award Shinjita Guha Pre Primary-E and Priyanshi Mishra III-B for their brilliant performances in all India Conquest Quiz Contest for securing Third and Fifth position respectively.


The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by the worthy School Vice Chairman.







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