School Events

Tittle : GRADUATION DAY 2019


 Talents  and skills are the crops that are  nurtured ,groomed and given all possible opportunities to grow and bloom .Felicitation Ceremony is the celebration of the harvest of this crop. To embark this auspicious day, Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School, North Ex Model Town Celebrated the kindergarten Felicitation Ceremony with gusto and gaiety  on Friday,8 March 2019 in the school premises. The programme began with the Gayatri Mantra  by the Pre Primarians .

Mr CP Prabhhu from CBSE and Mr Gagan alumni of The school were the guests of honour along with Pre Primary supervisory head MS Sonu sahni .

The theme of the event was ?udaan-Follow ur dreams ? where the children of Primary Wing participated with full enthusiasm and vigour.

An electrified welcome dance was presented where little ones showed their moves in rhythmic melody, looked amazing with Pom Pom in their hands.

Pre primarians were felicitated with sash and they were being given titles - Cheerful , encyclopedia, debonair, arty crafty, winsome smile and many more.

Bhangra - the heart and soul of Punjab was performed by the pre Primary girls with the foot tapping music and The dresses that were worn during a Bhangra performance were very bright, bold and colorful to symbolize the joyful and celebratory nature of the occasion.

The program was followed by the performances made by the Talented kids -

Akshita Joshi Pd PPA recite powerful rhyme on Women empowerment and dedicated it to all women in the society to commemorate Woman?s Day .

Utkarsh maihan of PPC spell bound the atmosphere with his Hasya kavita on Today?s mothers.

Niyati of PPB shwed her talent with the solo dance. Our little ones Rudra and Navaansh gave tribute to Our Soldiers and showed their Skating skills with the National Flag in their hands on Vande Mataram song.

The event not only enlightened the audience but also the enthusiastic kids won love and admiration from the crowd for their stupendous performance.

Our honourable supervisory head Ms Sonu sahni addressed the parents that kids are the gift from god.We should not compare our child to anyone as God has a purpose for each child. Education helps the child to provide an environment so that the child becomes according to the capability he possesses.

Thereafter She  presented the Annual Report and expressed her gratitude to AGDAV fraternity for their immense contribution to build this edifice of excellence.

She was feeling proud to announce the names of the accolades and laurels notched by the little ones for excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities ,inter school activities,Conquest and Quest .

The PrePrimarians who are heading towards new endeavors and new challenges were falicitated by Sonu Mam.

The school Principal Ms Mala Sood appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers for making this event a success.

Atlast Vote Of Thanks was presented to them whose restless effort made the function a great event.