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Tittle : ISA ACTIVITY - Architectural Insight to the seven wonders of the World

ISA ACTIVITY - Architectural Insight to the seven wonders of the World

To appreciate the uniqueness of architectural designs of the 7 wonders in China, Brazil, South America, Mexico, Rome, India and Jordan, an ISA Project titled - Architectural Insight to the seven wonders of the World was taken up by the students of Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School, Model Town in July 2018. The project was initiated with the purpose of stimulating critical thinking to analyze the concepts of mathematics involved in the construction of these buildings. Students of class VIII prepared photo story after extensive research work on these wonders which was showcased to the students of class VII. Learning and understanding of the architectural styles of the Seven Wonders of the World was shared with students of class V and VI in a specially organized morning assembly. Students elatedly imparted knowledge about history, facts and application of mathematics involved in designing the building. It was a unique and pleasant experience for the students to get insight of construction and magnanimity of the structures. An Inter-Class Quiz for class V and VI under the project -Architectural insight of seven wonders was conducted on 31 August 2018. The quiz was based on the morning assembly conducted by students of class VII. The quiz aimed at recapitulation of important facts about seven wonders of world learned during morning assembly. The complete ride - beginning from discussion, collecting information, working together, hopping the hurdles and finally reaching to the destination of conducting assembly followed by a quiz was a marvelous experience. During the project, learners seemed like popping candies waiting eagerly to express the knowledge which they had gained during entire venture. Students were simply astonished by mind boggling architecture, planning and implementation of all the master pieces made hundreds of years ago. Watching them was a real feast to eyes and it seemed as if sky was the limit for them.