School Events


During this crucial time of emergency, to engage the students in some constructive and productive activities, Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School successfully implementing the virtual class room for all classes. 

IX, X and XII Classes are held regularly as per the timetable from 9 am to 2 pm through following media:

# Skype & Zoom for live classrooms
# Google Classroom for sharing resources, assignments and study material

To start with, teachers took session on Skype but due to unavailability of appropriate resources with the parents and request made by the parents, separate subject wise WhatsApp groups were made to reach to almost all the students.

# Teachers are recording their Audio Lessons which are regularly shared through WhatsApp along with study material and appropriate assignments.
#Teachers have effectively created Google Classrooms and sharing NCERT and other educational links (YouTube Videos) on the most basic introductory topics to begin with.

CLASSES PS to II The teachers have devised, out of the box activities to involve both the parents and kids as a team.

#Audio -Visual Aids are shared through Snap Homework or WhatsApp to keep their minds suitably engaged.
 # YouTube link of Short stories, Rhymes, basic etiquettes, Personal Grooming etc are shared every alternate day. 
# YouTube Videos based on Listening, Speaking and writing as per the curriculum, Basic GK are also shared.
 # Worksheets is designed to recapitulate previous content as well.