School Events

Tittle : Abhivyakti - an Exhibition

The CCE is the new dimension that the CBSE has introduced to broaden the spectrum of education. It aims at moulding the students to increase their knowledge about the subjects by involving them in the process of learning throughout the year with projects, assignments, activities and class test. This minimizes the academic pressure and gives them a glimpse of the real world.

Exhibition is one of the best ways of showcasing the talent and creativity of the students. Keeping this objective in mind ?ABHIVYAKTI? an exhibition was organised in the school on 12 August 2014 to showcase the work done by the students under Multi-Disciplinary Approach. The topic for the Multidisciplinary was ?North Eastern States of India? wherein the students covered almost all the subjects by exploring each nook and corner of the respective state.

Multi-Disciplinary Projects reduces stress and enhance better understanding among students so different subjects covered the different areas of the North-Eastern States say English : Writing Skills, Hindi : People, their religion and Cuisines Maths : Population, Trade & Economy, Science :  Flora and fauna, Social Science : Location, Heritage, Weather and Tourist Spots, Art & Craft : Handicrafts, Music & Dance : Dances of the states .

Students of class VI and VII displayed charts and models on the
Location, flora and fauna, life of people, culture, monuments, places of worship, wild life sanctuaries and safaris of North Eastern States of India - Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur and Nagaland.It enhanced their analytical and logical thinking, reasoning and effective communication skills.

Students of class VIII presented a medley of CCE activities done under the subjects English, Hindi, mathematics, Social Science and Science. Different skills - Social, Creative, Critical, Self Awareness were clearly depicted in the exhibits. The teamwork of the students done under Multi-Disciplinary Project was the highlight of the exhibition.

The exhibition gave students a platform to increase their confidence, instil in them motivational and team spirit. The guests appreciated and applauded the work done by the students and teachers.