School Events

Tittle : International Peace Day

September 21st is known around the globe as International Peace Day or World Peace Day. This event has asked individuals and organizations across the world to unite to create the largest reduction of Violence globally. Arvind Gupta DAV School celebrated International Peace Day to contribute to the institutionalization Peace Day around the world. Peace Day provides a powerful and inspiring opportunity to engage children in diverse activities related to envisioning peace, developing global awareness, and making a positive difference in their world.

Staff members and Students wore white dress to symbolize peace. Placard and Sach Making Competition was organized a day before which they carried along with during the march held on the streets of Model Town Area to promote peace and harmony. They spread the message of Peace through a small presentation on brotherhood. Special Interactive assembly was organized wherein importance of Peace was emphasized through storytelling, Poem Recitation, skit and a mesmerizing dance performance. In the end pledge was taken by all the students to bring Peace within them and around.

As One global family, we usher peace, love, light, abundance, non-violence, and respect for all religions as basic goodness for ourselves and planet earth.