School Events

Tittle : Senior Citizen Day

The bright future is not only dependent only on studies but also on the blessings of the elders.


Senior citizens should be looked after as our heritage. They can guide, direct and make our lives worth living. They have got opulent experience to solve tangles of life and mould the life of youngsters and take them to the new height.

In order to inculcate the feeling of love and care amongst students, International Day for Senior Citizen is observed on 1st October throughout the world. It gives us an opportunity to celebrate the wisdom and achievements of senior citizens.

For this, the students of A.G.D.A.V Centenary Public School took oath which promises to always respect and love not only their grandparents but also all the elderly and will always be ready to serve and help them. Also, the card making activity was done in the classes to make them feel special and regard them.

The main idea behind these celebrations was to reiterate our commitment towards the welfare of the elderly and  to ensure that the services they rendered by the elderly get its due recognition.