School Events

Tittle : EARTH DAY


?Man is the architect of his own destiny?

Mankind is passing through a very critical phase of environmental crisis. Man has taken nature for granted and seldom did he give a thought to the fact that the air he breathed, the water he drank, the food he ate might disappear one day. There could be horrible future ahead for us.

We need to rekindle awareness and interest in children in ecology and environment and we need to act now. Therefore to sensitize students on this very important issue AG DAV CENTENARY PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrated World Earth Day  on 22 April 2014 . A special assembly was conducted in which the students showed their zeal for preserving and protecting Mother Earth, through speeches, poems and songs.

On the occasion of Earth Day the students of Class I showcased their talent by depicting beauties of nature through clay modeling. Small hands working hard to mould the clay into butterflies, tree, flower, caterpillar etc. was a feast for the eyes. It was an enjoyable experience for the children.

Moving a step ahead to create awareness amongst young minds a Poster Making Competition was held classes for III and IV.  The topic being ?Earth ? The Creator and Producer?.

A Stone Art Competition was held for class V in which they expressed their gratitude towards Mother Earth amazingly.

The aim of the whole event was to sensitize the children towards preservation and protection of planet and put them  in forefront of civic awareness so that they become conscientious citizens of the future.

Result of Stone Art Competition

I                             Divya                           V C

                              Sara Mishra                  VD

II                            Jayanto                       VA

                              Pratistha                     VC

III                           Raina                           VA

                              Shrey                          VD

Consolation  Prize    Zubiya Khan                 V

                                                  Result of Poster Making Competition


I                           Priyani Mishra               IV B

II                          Tushar Swami               III A

III                          Pratyush Kumar           IV D

                            Bhoomika Dahiya          III D

Consolation           Shreya Sharma             III A