School Events


PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.... We have heard this so many times but have never thought of its implementation. The students contributed to this social Helping. The students of class IV presented a Skit in the school to make the everyone aware of "Malaria - its spread and prevention" . Dr. C P Dhayal was invited to the school to make the children aware of the causes, symptoms and prevention from MALARIA FEVER. Students from our school visited the slums nearby and made the people aware of this threatening disease by presenting skits. They also distributed Mosquito coils to help the people prevent themselves from the deadly disease of Malaria. Class X gave its contribution by making posters on the Anti-Malarial measures. Teachers and Students also wrote messages on Post Sticks and stick them on a mosquito net. LET US JOIN HANDS AND MAKE ALL THE MOSQUITOES RUN AWAY.... BE SAFE , HEALTHY AND HAPPY!