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'Peace begins when the hungry are fed'
Without a jaded shade of doubt, the NCR region is the most developed region in the north India. But at the same time, a bitter truth is that the area has most number of slums and a vast population is even deprived of proper meal. Even though the government is making some efforts to eradicate this problem but it is time we shall come together to support these people with proper meals.The Interact Club of Arvind Gupta DAV Public School , Model Town Delhi , under the guidance of the school principal and interact teacher incharge and the support of the parent Rotary club , RCDM initiated the project 'Feedy The Needy' ,wherein the club collaborated with 'The Roti Bank' an organization working on this project .Mr Raj Kumar Bhatia , who along with some friends started The Roti Bank around two years back addressed the students in the morning assembly on the launch of the project in the school i.e on 24 July 2017 and sensitized the students about the issue. The students were told how they can contribute, they were asked to bring two rotis with pickle and drop in the Roti box which will be collected by volunteers from the roti bank and then distributed among the needy in the near by slums. On the day of the launch 90 packets were sent to the Roti bank and the number is increasing day by day. This is the project for the year , which the interactors are doing very enthusiastically. They not only contribute but also motivate others to join . The  members of the Rotary club of Delhi Metro appreciated the effort and promised they support to this noble act.