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Tittle : Report on workshop ? ?HOLI WITH HERBAL COLOURS ?

Report on workshop ? ?HOLI WITH HERBAL COLOURS ?

Holi is not only a festival of colours but it is also a way to spread love and affection with our loved ones. There is lot of significance of colours in our life. We blend our life with colours in various ways.

 Traditionally Holi was celebrated with dry colours known as ?Gulal? which were prepared naturally from the flowers and other products that had dyeing properties. However with time, those natural colours have been replaced by strong colours, chemically enhanced and artificial colours which is not only harmful for skin but can also leads to skin cancer and other ailments.

To minimise use of these strong chemical colours Eco club of our school organizes a workshop on 'Holi with herbal colours' for class 4 and 5 students. In this workshop teachers discussed harmful effects of synthetic colours with students and different methods to prepare natural colours at home. Students participated in workshop in groups and make variety of colours using natural or home made things. They prepared dry yellow and red colours using petals of marigold and rose flower. Natural colours like beet root, turmeric powder and mehndi powders with wheat flour are also used to obtain pink, yellow and green colour. Some colourful liquid colours like spinach and tea with boiled water are also prepared by them. Students participated in the workshop with great enthusiasm and enjoyed all the activities thoroughly. They learnt various methods of making safe and natural colours so that they can plan an ecological Holi with biodiversity based colours that will neither harm their health nor the Earth that sustains us.

Wishing you in advance an eco-friendly Holi. Celebrate the festival of colours with organic colours.